NEW! RI Blood Center Launches 'Someone Else" Campaign

The Rhode Island Blood Center is launching its first brand campaign to encourage new donors in a creative way and raise the overall profile/awareness of the nonprofit organization.

Developed with Nail Communications, the creative demonstrates how unfair it is for all of us to depend on "someone else" to donate life-saving blood. The spots show that "Someone Else" is actually just one guy -- who lives in Warwick, RI.

In addition to TV spots, the campaign includes radio, billboard, print and social media. 

The dedicated site further introduces this lone donor and features information about where to donate blood. "Mr. Someone Else" -- an actor -- will be appearing in person throughout the community, including throwing out the first pitch at a Pawtucket Red Sox baseball game, going on talk shows and appearing at farmer’s markets.

"It was critical to the campaign to have someone who fit the role of a regular guy who is donating blood all the time even though he lives a busy life," says Kara LeBlanc, marketing communications manager, Rhode Island Blood Center. "He had to be lovable enough for people to want to help him out."



To encourage further interaction, the project invites people to text "Someone Else" to let him know that there’s a least one pint he won’t have to give. He will get back to you to say thanks and may even send you a photo of what he’ll be doing with the free time you just gave him, says LeBlanc.



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