Facebook, Deloitte Digital Form Partnership, Help Brands 'Become' Digital

Facebook earlier this week announced a partnership with Deloitte Digital to help brands that are struggling to enter the digital age. The alliance will focus on people, technology insights, and experience.

The two companies also released findings from a study about the digital maturity of the marketing industry. The findings show digital has been major part of the conversation for quite some time, but marketing organizations are not yet operating as digital businesses and are a long way from completing the task. This means companies are "doing" digital, but not "becoming" digital.

The two companies studied hundreds of marketing organizations to understand how digital marketing organization see themselves today and how to accelerate change.

The study shows that 87% of leaders anticipate their businesses as disrupted by digital business models, yet only 30% believe they have the correct skills to execute strategies.

The biggest challenges are training methods, company culture, current processes, methods of working and business structure -- which do not lend themselves to becoming digital.

Marketers believe training has become irrelevant. Some 48% do not agree that digital skills training is effective or timely.

Another issue, many companies still divide their marketing teams between “digital” and "traditional," which stifles the organization's growth.

There are "generational difference in assessing the organizations' digital capabilities; Millennials ranked the organizations more negatively than older generations, per the study.

Millennial marketing professionals view their marketing organization as less digitally mature -- 41% rate their organization as becoming or being digital vs. 52% of Gen X.

Culture is also a barrier to becoming digital. Some 41% do not believe their current organization culture supports digital adoption.

Organizations that are becoming digital possess capabilities and behaviors that position them to be agile and capture value.

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