Survata Creates Partner Network With Lotame, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, LiveRamp

In a move to improve on the data used for ad targeting, research company Survata unveiled Data Partner network Friday with data management platform (DMP) companies Lotame, Salesforce DMP, Oracle BlueKai, Adobe Audience Manager, and LiveRamp.

The partnerships combine consumer survey responses with first-, second- and third-party data in a partner DMP. Prior to the partnerships, Survata used data gained from pixels and tags in banner ads. Now Survata can serve specific questions to potential consumers based on the data stored in the DMPs.

Chris Kelly, CEO at Survata, said it took about a year to put the partner network together.

He said marketers already manage a lot of their ad impression and audience segment data in DMPs, but the data was entirely disconnected from any way to conduct research or measure efforts. "If the brand's analytics or research teams wanted to interview 20,000 consumers who had been exposed to a video ad, they had no way to bring the data into the DMP," he added.

Survata manages a publisher network, thousands of sites and apps such as a publishing group within Time Inc., where visitors to that site have an opportunity to unlock content by answering questions. Ad-free viewing on Web sites or free WiFi access are two other services often provided by publishers.

A visitor to a magazine's site might see a message, such as "You're not a subscriber, but you can get this issue for free by answering a few, short questions," for example. The questions are targeted based on known data from the DMP. The publisher gets targeted feedback and the publisher gains revenue from Survanta.

In May, Survata partnered with Lotame to validate third-party data with answers from a potential user's survey. Brands working with Lotame could taps into a programmatic segment of young mothers, Survata can interview a represented sample of that segment and validate the number of young mothers. 

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