LG Asserts 'Jetsons' Future Is Almost Here

There may not yet be flying cars, but the future of “The Jetsons” is closer than one might think. 

LG Electronics is using the iconic futuristic television family to show off how advanced its smart technology currently is, and how advanced it will become in the near future. 

“We want consumers to be able to see how LG Electronics is leading the future with advanced appliances that make ‘life good,’” Taryn Brucia, director of public relations for LG USA, Marketing Daily. “Both innovative and sleek, LG appliances have a continuously growing set of smart features that can be accessed via the LG SmartThinq app — and even now through voice command with Google Home on some models.”

The video depicts mom Jane getting a technological “Future Eye” for her birthday. She uses the device to view how her family turns out in the future. Daughter Judy is married with a baby, using an advanced washing machine that completes every stage of washing on its own. George benefits from cleaner air while walking Astro on the outdoor treadmill, and teenage boy Elroy checks out the refrigerator without opening the door, combining ingredients to make a fresh cream cake. Even Rosie the Robot is given a break, thanks to LG’s ThinkQ technology. 



“The Jetsons are TV's iconic family of the future and are widely known across generations for living in the ‘home of the future,’” Brucia says. “We partnered with Warner Brothers and ‘The Jetsons’ to bring back nostalgia in a forward facing way, showing how far we've actually come in creating a Smart Home of the Future that was beyond even the wildest imaginations of those who envisioned it not too long ago.”

The video will reside on the brand’s YouTube page and will be pushed out through the brand’s social media channels.

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