Singular, Apsalar Merge To Create One Analytics Company

Marketing analytics firm Singular and mobile attribution company Apsalar will merge to form a combined company with 110 employees that will be known as Singular.

The merger, announced Tuesday, should resolve some of the challenges faced by marketers attempting to integrate desktop and mobile marketing channels in order to analyze a complete picture of the customer journey.

Singular CEO and Cofounder Gadi Eliashiv calls the deal a merger rather than an acquisition, to represent the coming together of the two companies for a common goal.

Mobile attribution remains a critical piece of marketing and advertising strategies, per Eliashiv, but until now has remained a stand-alone platform, designed primarily to report on mobile app installations.  

Eliashiv, along with two other Singular executives, worked together at mobile data analytics company Onavo, prior to Facebook acquiring the company.

The Singular-Apsalar deal strengthens the integration between desktop and mobile marketing, giving customers like Lyft, Yelp, Zynga, Postmates, and Walmart a complete analytics package that supports desktop and mobile campaigns.

Michael Oiknine, CEO and cofounder of Apsalar, will remain with the company as chief revenue officer.

Eliashiv said Singular's engineers began building a product internally, but found the task complicated. Singular opted to merge with Apsalar instead rather than recreate something that another successful company had already done.

"Now we'll be able to move much faster to develop products, doubling our engineering group," Eliashiv said. "The future is to build products on top of that synergy."

Ran Makavy, VP of growth at Lyft, praises the merger, calling the ability to cut across mobile and desktop channels essential in helping to hit marketing goals. 

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