59% Plan To Upgrade Their Smartphone Within A Year

With the prospects of the coming connections of billions and billions of things, there’s one very connected thing that remains as the leader of the pack: the smartphone.

Rather than the little hand-held computer fading away, consumers continue their quest for the latest and greatest in smartphone technology.

It turns out that six in 10 smartphone owners plan to upgrade with a year, based on a new tally by Global Web Index.

Most (91%) internet users already had a smartphone while fewer (84%) had a PC or laptop.

The majority (59%) of mobile device owners say they’re looking to upgrade within the next year, according to the survey of smartphone owners aged 16 to 64.

The latest tally is good news for Apple, since 39% of consumers said the iPhone is one of their top choices when they next upgrade, pretty much even with Samsung. The iPhone desire peeks in the Middle East, with 60% or more of digital consumers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia saying they want an iPhone.



Here’s a breakdown by market of Internet users who say an iPhone is one of their top choices for their next mobile purchase:

  • 48% -- Middle East and Africa
  • 44% -- North America
  • 40% -- Asia Pacific
  • 39% -- Laine America
  • 32% -- Europe

For smartphone upgrading by age, those 25 to 34 years old lead the way, with 64% saying they want to upgrade within 12 months. Almost half (45%) of those 55 to 64 want to upgrade soon along with 62% of those 35 to 44.

Even the majority (57%) of the financially constrained group of consumers 16 to 24 years old plan to upgrade, according to Global Web Index.

The smartphone still retains its position as the main hub of the Internet of Things.



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