NEW! Burger & Lobster's Big NYC (OOH) Message

Burger & Lobster is raising awareness for its new location in New York City with a 2,200 sq. foot billboard in Bryant Park. Developed with creative agency Van's General Store (VGS), the "Pure Love" sign features simple, but stylized images of people who enjoy burgers and lobsters.

“We charged Van’s General Store with coming up with a billboard that would convey  Burger & Lobster’s ‘not your typical restaurant’ ethos and sense of fun, while delivering our brand message promise of serving only burgers and lobsters," says  Vladimir Borodin, operating partner, Burger& Lobster U.S. "Because the billboard is so large, so noticeable on the block and in neighborhood, we wanted to populate it with a design that wasn’t overtly commercial, rather something that would make people smile."

VGS also helped design the interior of the restaurant - opening later this month - by incorporating the essence of its Bryant Park/Times Square neighborhood through fashion and theater images. Although the creative agency co-founded by Liev Schreiber and Scott Carlson is the AOR for all of the restaurant's U.S. locations, this is the first one the agency has overseen for interior design.





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