Understanding The 'Corpsumer' Segment

What's a corpsumer?

Global PR agency MWWPR commissioned a Wakefield Research study that found roughly 100 million Americans make up this new audience segment: those whose behavior is influenced more strongly by corporate reputation than product features, attributes or price when making purchase decisions,  deciding to invest or even when making business or career decisions.

Industries that are particularly influenced by corpsumer behavior include automotive, financial services, healthcare and food.

The study also acknowledges a growing trend of consumers making purchase decisions based on social responsibility.

Even after being disappointed with the performance of a product, over half of corpsumers will stay with a brand because they share the company’s values. Further, over half of corpsumers regularly use social media to share opinions about news, current events, other social issues and brands with their friends.

Corpsumers span various demographics, but do share a number of common traits. Members of the group are more likely than the average American to be well-educated and employed full time. They are also more likely to be parents and high-income earners.

“At MWW we have always believed that corporate reputation and consumer brand loyalty go hand in hand. This research does more than simply prove that theory, it demonstrates the profound significance of this segment to drive business,” stated MWWPR chair of reputation and chief strategy officer Carreen Winters. 

The importance of brand evangelism was further shown by a Harvard Business School Press report that said a 12% increase in advocacy has a 200% positive effect on revenue growth.

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