BIZ DEV: Marriner Marketing Wins Maryland Tourism Account

Columbia, MD-based Marriner Marketing Communications has been selected as the new agency of record for the Maryland Office Of Tourism after a formal review.

The agency’s new 5-year contract runs through May 2022 and specifies that it will be responsible for both creative and media placement, the latter having a value of at least $17 million according to the office’s tourism marketing and development plan for its fiscal year 2018.

Marriner noted that Spurrier Media Group, with which it frequently partners on projects, will provide support and additional insights for media strategy.

“Marriner’s strategic approach outlined a clear road map for how to generate more customers, jobs and revenue in Maryland,” stated Liz Fitzsimmons, managing director of the Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts. “We have great chemistry with the Marriner team and look forward to working together to champion the state and build destination awareness.”

Plans call for a new marketing communications strategy, including a new campaign, which will highlight the state’s attractions, accommodations and services.



Marriner Vice President of Strategic Partnerships David Melnick stated, “Our team is a great blend of Maryland natives and residents from other states. This combination of knowledge and perspective will help us showcase all the reasons that Maryland is a must-visit destination.”


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  1. Tom Siebert from BENEVOLENT PROPAGANDA, July 28, 2017 at 3:42 p.m.

    Unlikely anyone will ever top TBC's big-budget Civil War epic (with a twist) "Antietem," for Maryland Tourism, but good luck.

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