Gen Z Prefers Brand Quality, Value Over Origin Stories, Social Causes

Eight in 10 teens born between 1995-2007 (Gen Z) would engage with a brand that could help them make a difference according to new research from Saatchi & Saatchi New York.

This generation doesn't equate big with bad. They value big brands’ power of scale, whether for great value, good quality or iconic names. This means brands don’t need to hide their size behind smaller names, origin stories, or social causes, says Saatchi.

They also know that picture-perfect images are manufactured. Brands are advised to tread carefully with celebrities, says Saatchi. "Go for authenticity, not perfection."

Teens let their passions guide them: 68% of Gen Z have or will be cutting down on the number of activities they do so they can focus on the ones they love doing. They openly talk about their fears and work towards conquering them. In fact, they say it gives them a sense of purpose and belonging when they are allowed to define themselves. Brands can play a part in pushing them outside of their comfort zones—whether through adventure, emotion or humor, advises Saatchi.

This report is based on in-person interviews with 50 teens ages 10-19 from seven states and an online survey of 1,300 teens.



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