Amtrak Challenges The 'Travel Quo'

Amtrak is embarking on one of its biggest advertising efforts with the "Break The Travel Quo" campaign, designed to serve as a long-running platform for the brand.

Developed with FCB New York, the campaign's first phase introduced teaser ads earlier this month to capture travelers’ attention by suggesting there's an airline that solves the usual pain points of travels, such as letting you take four bags or using your phone anytime.

Then, everyone who viewed the teaser was retargeted to receive an updated ad pitching Amtrak, not an airline, as the actual solution to those pain points.

The campaign has expanded  into its second phase to encompass digital, radio and outdoor advertising. Online videos run across the U.S., targeting both leisure and business travelers, especially in the Northeast Corridor.

Out-of-home appears in the New York region, including screens in taxis shuttling riders to airports. 



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