Prohaska Diversifies From Consulting, Launches PMP Solution For Publishers

Prohaska Consulting, an independent consultancy specializing in advising the supply and demand sides on programmatic advertising and marketing, this morning announced it is diversifying into a programmatic media service model with a new platform dubbed OpenLeads.

The platform assists programmatic inventory sellers in closing more private marketplace (PMP) deals by automatically pooling open-auction data by brand, ad-spending level and CPM goals into the "leads" section of’s interface.

The company said the tool enables programmatic sales teams to more easily access and organize potential PMP leads.

The No. 1 benefit, says Prohaska CEO and Principal Matt Prohaska, is to save publishers’ ad-ops teams time and resources that would otherwise be spent aggregating and organizing requests.

He said Prohaska understood the market opportunity for OpenLeads through its consulting and advisory work with big publishers and developed it to fill the vaccuum.

“We have been looking for a service like this for years when helping our 100+ Publisher clients either with yield optimization, sales training, or PMP representation,” he explained, adding, that OpenLeads links to open auction buying data by integrating with the APIs of Rubicon Project and Google’s AdX  and’s CRM system.

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