SugarCRM Releases New Cloud Offering, Upgrades Email Module

SugarCRM, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software company, has redesigned its email module to associate emails with accounts.   

The Cupertino-based company released an updated version of Sugar On-Demand, its SaaS-based CRM platform, on Wednesday. SugarCRM released a suite of new features to make it easier for Sugar On-Demand customers to share data and work more effectively, including a complete revamp of SugarCRM’s email module.

The email module within Sugar On-Demand has been redesigned to provide a central view of all relevant email records associated with accounts. This is essential for B2B marketers, as spreadsheets of contact information are simply unsustainable long-term. By integrating CRM data with email, marketers can segment their audiences better and send more personalized messages. SugarCRM customers can also now use the module as an email archive solution for emails across multiple services. 

Furthermore, SugarCRM has introduced a new email management system that enables users to organize emails associated with accounts and contacts by filtering, searching, and tagging.

Additional Sugar On-Demand feature updates include shareable dashboards for team-wide access to CRM data and drill-trhough charts to help users better understand the data.





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