Headlines Have Faded, But Fire Devastation Remains In California

HelpNorCal.com and the #LoveSpreadsFaster campaign was launched this week to draw attention to and support for Northern California fire devastation recovery efforts. The goal is to spread awareness and help people looking to donate directly to local relief organizations easier. 

The campaign was created pro bono by Los Angeles-based ad agency Phelps. The campaign is designed to keep awareness of the devastation brought about by this year’s wildfires top of mind even as the story has dropped from the top the news cycle. 

HelpNorCal.com is not collecting or distributing any money. The site acts as a one-stop resource with links that lead to fundraising pages of organizations that are working to help Northern California recovery efforts.  

“We're a group of concerned Californians,” said Maria Umbsaar, producer and editor at Phelps. “Many of us have friends who were affected by the fire. We wanted to stop feeling helpless and do something to help. Because we work in marketing communications, we have the ability to mobilize and get the word out quickly, so that’s what we're doing.”




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