Machinima Launches 24-hour Channel On Twitch

Machinima, the Warner Bros.-owned content studio that produces video game content and related programming, is getting its own channel, Machinima 24/7, that will stream all day and night on Twitch, the Amazon-owned platform for live gaming and game culture.

The service will be free and advertising-supported, though users can pay for a premium subscription that will remove the ad loads.

The channel will feature a mix of existing Machinima content, including shows like “Mega Man Dies At The End,” along with new live offerings, including the “VR Power Hour,” a look at new VR and augmented reality games, and “Spacebar,” a talk show about gaming.

Machinima distributes its content widely behind its own platforms. In addition to Twitch, content from the company is available on Verizon’s go9p service, Playstation Due and Comcast Watchable.



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