Tennessee Tourism: Adding Some Color To The Fall For Those Who've Never Seen It

VML is out with a poignant new fall foliage campaign for client Tennessee Tourism.

The fall leafing season is a sight to behold as most of us know. It also happens to be a $1 billion industry in the U.S. But millions of American’s (one in 12 American men according to the agency) have never experienced the beauty of the season due to various forms of colorblindness.

The agency set out to change that for the color blind who might be visiting Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains this fall with some help from EnChroma, a company that makes special lenses that help alleviate red-green color blindness.

As part of the campaign, scenic viewfinders that dot the Smokies were outfitted with the lenses. The agency made a video capturing the experiences of colorblind men, who, peering through the specially-equipped viewers saw peak fall foliage for the first time in their lives in living color. Many were brought to tears as seen on the video.



They weren’t the only ones. Although the VML team didn’t know it at the time they pitched the idea to the client, the Tourism Commissioner’s son is color blind. He was so moved by the idea that he had to leave the meeting.

Now such viewfinders can found throughout the state so that more people can “see the beauty of Tennessee,” per the campaign.

It’s not the first time EnChroma lenses have been deployed in an ad campaign. A few years back the firm worked with FCB and Valspar paints to enable colorblind people to experience the full palette of the brand’s colors.  

That said, it’s nice to see a new and different approach to adding some color to the world for those that don’t often see it.



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