Everything Wasn't So Great In Programmatic

Although Terry Kawaja is far better than I am at writing parody lyrics, here are are parody lyrics to the song ”Everything’s Up To Date In Kansas City” from the musical Oklahoma!”

Everything wasn’t so great in programmatic

Cause ad tech went as far as it could go

They went and built an ecosystem few could understand

They filled it with ads so fat, nobody wanted to see

Everything’s like a maze in programmatic

The value’s nil no matter where you turn

They serve the ads all day

But only some could be seen

Yet those folks who viewed

Turned off the ads real fast

You could click the ads all day

And still no one would buy

Cause not much really worked in programmatic

But now everything’s working well in programmatic



The marketers, at last, are taking charge

Transparency is working really great for them

They now know where all their money’s being spent

They realize all those tracking tags don’t get them very much

And by slimming down the ads, they hope they won’t get blocked

Another reason for their joy is traffic that’s not sourced

Yes, everything’s working better for them now

Cause maybe programmatic can finally sell some stuff.

Rodgers and Hammerstein are turning over in their graves.

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