Early IoT Adopters Excited But Cautious

Early adopters of IoT technology can be both demanding and forgiving around smart home technologies.

Those consumers are eager and able to figure out customized solutions and are empowered to make those things work for them, according to a new study.

The study comprised interviews of 100 adults who are early adopters and prospects of IoT technologies, conducted by Magid for the trade group CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing).

Like early adopters, IoT prospects are excited about the potential of IoT technologies but also are cautious because of concerns relating to cost, reliability, benefits, privacy and security.

There are several implications concluded by the study, including:

  • Time matters. Time is a valuable commodity for consumers who seek solutions that anticipate their needs and deal with repetitive tasks.
  • Best enablers win. The brands that can ease the concerns of consumers wary of trying new technology by delivering what they promise will gain trust, leading to future business.
  • Earning trust is key. A company that successfully enables consumer smart solutions first can earn a consumer’s trust, leading that consumer to stick with the first brand that gives them that.

In addition, there is significant promise in digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, as enablers of content and information discovery.

Those types of devices, along with other connected objects like lights and locks, will being along with them many other high-impact solutions, according to the study.

The most significant implication noted is that the best enabler of consumers will win.

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