HotelTonight Cautions Against Too Much Family Time

HotelTonight is reprising its “Visit, Don’t Stay” holiday digital campaign, encouraging people to book a hotel when they go home to visit family, as an escape from too much family togetherness over the holidays.

Last year’s weird uncles and cloying grandmas have been replaced with the obnoxious or unsavory pet you might encounter when you’re home for the holidays.

An image of a hairless sphynx reads: “Mom's new kitty wants to cuddle. Visit family. Stay with us.” A King Charles Cavalier is accompanied by copy: “Murphy likes to watch. Visit family. Stay with us.” “Something’s up with Nana’s new ‘cat.’ Visit family. Stay with us,” reads an ad with a grinning fennec fox.

In addition to pet images, the “Visit, Don’t Stay” campaign theme also includes cross-stitch images with text that is NSFCS (not safe for cross-stitch).  The cross-stitch content has already begun to roll out on Twitter and Instagram. This campaign, from the hotel broker's internal creative team and Odysseus Arms in San Francisco, is strictly digital and mobile.



“We’re trying to reach anyone who has ever taken a week of their hard-earned vacation time to stay with family over the holidays, only to return home wishing that they had splurged on a hotel stay to make things more enjoyable,” Jordan Braun, creative director – marketing at HotelTonight, tells Marketing Daily. “It’s a story most can relate to. HotelTonight wants to remind people that making time for yourself this holiday season is just as important as visiting friends and family.

Last year’s “Visit, Don’t Stay” campaign was "highly successful," Braun says.

“HotelTonight owned that moment and wanted to build on it this year,” Braun says. “Beyond our quirky family members, often times there are pets. This campaign highlights a fresh cast of characters that present their own challenges to comfortably staying the night. The messaging here reminds travelers that when it comes to holiday travels, you should consider HotelTonight as your go-to app for skipping the pull-out couch and finding your own space.”

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