Creative Shop Los York Develops Fashion Line

Citing what it calls a redefinition of the modern creative agency, Los York is partnering with independent artists and fashion designers to introduce its own apparel line. 

The Los York Label collection includes apparel, accessories and bags, all sourced from U.S.-based companies that use localized manufacturing and recycled/organic textiles. These limited-edition items are priced relatively high — one black hoodie costs $110 — but the proceeds will help raise money for charities. 

All profits, to that end, from the already sold-out $200 backpack benefits the Firefighters of the Thomas Fires in Southern California.

Public demand drove this internal side project's official expansion, says Seth Epstein, co-founder, Los York.

"We kept getting stopped on the street with people saying 'where did you get that?'" He adds people would walk into the agency's NYC office and ask to buy things. "Eventually, you can only ignore something so long and it just kept happening, so we came in to meet the demand," he adds.



The collection also enables the company to utilize its multi-disciplinary creative talents. The launch video, for instance, is directed by Los York director Lindsey Byrnes.

Other team members designed the merchandise and developed the eCommerce website. "It's part of a larger mind-set and approach to business," says Epstein, adding the shop isn't driven by fitting into a box. "We are exploring and learning through this laboratory mind-set, being creators and artists in each endeavor we participate in."


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