Majority Of Email Marketers Embrace Responsive Design

A third of email marketers still have not adopted responsive design, according to a Litmus report released Friday.

The email testing and optimization company polled 3,500 marketers in the 2017 State of Email Creative report to evaluate trends in email creative strategy. Although the majority of email marketers have now embraced some type of responsive email design -- whether adaptive, hybrid, or traditional -- the Litmus study suggests that a stubborn few have yet to adopt an email design that will be viewable on any device.

Unlike print or web design, email is uniquely constrained by the email client and screen size used to view it. Responsive design enables marketers to ensure their emails can always be viewed, but a lack of responsive design could result in unreadable content, such as images and GIFs being disabled.



Mobile rendering is now an essential component of email design, particularly as the majority of emails are now read on mobile devices.

Litmus also surveyed marketers on the top brands that inspire their email creative, aggregating the results to pinpoint the top 30.

30 Brands that inspire email marketers

1. Apple

2. InVision

3. HubSpot

4. MailChimp


6. Airbnb

7. Nike

8. Starbucks

9. Uber

10. J.Crew

11. Sephora

12. REI

13. ASOS

14. Chubbies

15. Email on Acid

16. Moo

17. Really Good Emails

18. Kate Spade

19. Campaign Monitor

20. Netflix

21. Adobe

22. Loft

23. theSkimm

24. Code School

25. Huckberry

26. Nest

27. Action Rocket

28. Evernote

29. Patagonia

30. Virgin Airlines

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