Samsung To Launch 3 Projects, 7 Startups At CES

Some new projects are brewing at Samsung’s C-Lab, set to be introduced at CES in Las Vegas next week.

Three new projects developed from Samsung’s Creative Lab expected to be shown, according to Samsung.

The three projects are:

  • S-Ray (sound-ray). This is a portable directional speaker that can be carried anywhere. The S-Ray can send sound without a person having to wear earphones. Product options expected to be shown include a neckband and smartphone cover.
  • GoBreath. This is a recovery solution for people who have lung damage after general anesthesia. The portable device is used with a mobile app.
  • Relumino. These are smart glasses to help people with vision challenges. The mobile app was first shown at Mobile World Congress last year. The glasses work in conjunction with a smartphone, using its processors and battery. The phone processes the images from videos projected through the camera of the glasses and the processed images then are floated into the display of the glasses to help the wearer see things better.

In addition to the projects, Samsung will introduce seven startups spun off from the C-Lab. One of these involves a wearable camera.

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