Stephanie Prager To Manage Global Agency Relationships At Twitter

Twitter has expanded the responsibilities of Stephanie Prager from overseeing U.S. agency development to head of global agency development. In her new role, she’ll manage the platform's relationships across the "Big 6" holding companies. 

Prager reports to Guilherme Ribenboim, vice president, global client solution development. She replaces David Roter, who left the company.

Prager's elevation comes at a critical time for Twitter.

"This should come as no surprise, but brand safety was a big issue in 2017 and will continue to be in 2018," Prager says. "Brands shouldn’t have to choose between premium quality content and scale. Scaled access to high-quality digital video inventory is limited, but Twitter offers both. It’s a compromise more and more brands don’t want to make."

She expects to develop close relationships with her agencies, which will also include boutique shops, such as VaynerX and Laundry Service. "We find the best way to solve brand challenges is through collaboration." 



For example, when Twitter announced 16 new live offerings back in May at the NewFronts, agency partners were first movers in greenlighting that programming, she says, which included projects with Live Nation, BuzzFeed, Wendy’s, Bank of America and others.   

"When we start with the client objectives first, we find creative ways to solve them through the products and services Twitter can offer." Prager adds, "Many of the programs and innovations we’ve done in the U.S. can scale and strive for the same success and acceleration in other markets."

She also plans to work with agencies on social-advocacy matters, such as @TwitterWomen and the 3% Conference.

Prager has deep connections within the ad world. Prior to joining Twitter in 2013, she was a managing partner at MEC, where she led the Digital Practice. Earlier, as vice president at MediaVest USA, she was responsible for overseeing research, development, and execution of digital media strategy for her clients.

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