UnsubCentral Launches Service To Help Marketers Scrub Email Lists

UnsubCentral launched a new service this week that simplifies the process of sharing, comparing, and cleaning email lists for email marketers.

UnsubCentral’s new Super Scrubbing service is an email list management service for marketing teams. The solution enables email marketers to ensure email list data security and maintain opt-out compliances while working with affiliate partners, thus preventing different affiliates from sending redundant offers to the same customer.

"Redundant emails are often a severe problem with affiliate email marketing,” says Keith Sibson, vice president of product and marketing at PostUp. “A brand, let’s say it is big cell phone carrier X, might work with dozens of affiliate marketers at any given time, and those marketers can have significant overlap in their audience. So if John M is present on five affiliate marketer lists, and carrier X has a special unlimited data package for July, then John M might receive five emails with the same offer from carrier X (effectively) in one month.”

Repetitive and unnecessary emails can lead to negative customer experiences and generate increased unsubscribes, says Sibson. He explains that UnsubCentral’s Super Scrubbing service prevents over-marketing and preserves “the consumer opt-in for future marketing efforts.”

Limiting unsubscribes also correlates to an email sender’s reputation score -- a metric used by email service providers like Gmail to evaluate whether or not an incoming message is spam. Email senders with higher reputation scores also have much higher email deliverability ratings, according to Return Path.

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