Salesforce Debuts Retail Platform Enhancements

Salesforce has added several enhancements to its retail platform to help retailers deliver personalized shopping experiences. These include the ability to integrate digital commerce with email marketing.

For example, the firm’s Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud connector facilitates follow-up emails to consumers who abandon shopping carts.

Salesforce notes that less than a third of major U.S. retailers send shopping cart abandonment emails.

The announcement was made today at NRF 18.

In addition, the Commerce Cloud Shipping helps retailers integrate product catalogs on Instagram, and allows the creation of shoppable content, the firm adds.

Salesforce can also help deliver customer service via messaging and bots.

The goal is to provide retailers with a unified platform for commerce, marketing and service, and to personalize communications in mobile, web, social and in-store, the firm says.   

"The world of retail that so many of us grew up in has changed in more ways than we ever could have imagined,” states Shelley Bransten, senior vice president retail industry solutions, Salesforce.

Bransten adds: “Technology has given consumers incredible power to quickly find whatever they need, but it has become difficult for brands to keep up with those demands, and really understand the needs of consumers on an individual level." 

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