Periscope Assembles A 'Connected Experiences' Team

In a bid to modernize the notion of user experience (UX) design in today’s constantly connected consumer-brand world Periscope is taking the U out of UX.

Starting now the agency will refer to all brand experiences—online and off-line—as just plain X.

And to optimize all those experiences for consumers, the agency has formed a new innovation and design team called Connected Experiences.

“With people’s ability to be constantly connected, so-called UX thinking, traditionally tied to digital experiences, is no longer just about screen time,” stated Periscope’s CEO Liz Ross. “A user’s experience with a brand now extends far beyond a digital interface, leaving brands with a myriad of opportunities to connect with people throughout the day, before and after they touch a website, app or button.”

Yeah, the agency really want’s this new X idea to become a thing. You can just tell, right? Guess we’ll see.



Anyway, Ross added that Periscope helps clients “ensure that every consumer touchpoint in this ever-connected world is a part of a consistent user experience, whether via technology, in store, or media.” Well, maybe it will become a thing. In fact it just might be a thing already--I can think of a lot of other agencies who say they do the same thing.  

The new Connected Experiences team will be led by director Morgan Zuehlke, who in a previous life worked with the Dixie Chicks, whom I will always think of with admiration for the way they called out “W’ at one of their concerts for his senseless war mongering (a time I now almost look back fondly on).

Zuehlke is also credited with launching the interactive strategy and omnichannel design teams at Best Buy.

Others on the team include development director Jon Voth (formerly with Modern Climate); senior connected experiences architect Christopher Jensen (previously with The Nerdery); creative director AJ Scherbring (previously with Mirum), and creative director Dustin Joyce (a Solve Advertising veteran). 

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