Hillary's 'Woman Card' Dealt In Donors, Raised Millions, Trumped Trump

In the Spring of 2016, candidate Trump told supporters at the rally in Spokane, Wash. that Hillary Clinton was playing the woman’s card. Clinton used Trump’s remark as a successful fundraiser — selling faux cards and T-shirts that included the phrases "woman cards" and "deal me in", raising millions through emails and merchandise sales in just a few days. During MediaPost’s Marketing: Politics conference, Matt Compton, Director, Advocacy & Engagement, Blue State Digital recounts the story and talks about the impact of the campaign on getting the donors more invested by seeing themselves in the candidate.

MODERATOR Emily Williams, Senior Director, Global Strategy Group; PANELISTS Matt Compton, Director, Advocacy & Engagement, Blue State Digital Samantha Osborne, Founder, Battle Rhythm Strategies; Ted Peterson, Digital Director, NRCC

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