Tapping Into the Potential of SMS

Direct mail and email were once the undisputed frontrunners of fund-raising campaign. But the integration of new channels like SMS, messenger apps and bots will allow much more targeted and substantive conversations between campaigns and supporters. At the Marketing: Politics conference last week panelists suggested that they are just starting to define the new limits and uses of these channels. Unlike email lists, SMS can’t be blasted and should be used more sparingly; differentiated peer-to-peer SMS with the “one-to-many” reach allows an opportunity for more frequency vs blast massaging; Facebook Messenger has a tremendous potential for engagement. And as Blue State Digital's Matt Compton says, messenger bots are already showing their potential to drive tangible political activism.

MODERATOR Emily Williams, Senior Director, Global Strategy Group; PANELISTS Matt Compton, Director, Advocacy & Engagement, Blue State Digital Samantha Osborne, Founder, Battle Rhythm Strategies; Ted Peterson, Digital Director, NRCC

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