Solving Digital Era Problems With Industrial Economy Tools

The fake news is a complex issue that goes beyond government’s capacity and, perhaps, feasibility, to regulate it. During the ‘Regulation, Fake News, Transparency’ panel, Randall Rothenberg, IAB’s Chief Executive Officer has come at that problem with the supply chain concept. Rothenberg has honed this idea for the past 12 years of working at IAB. The main premise of it is that the ease of permeability and the lack of standards and guidelines make the media industry one of the least self-regulated supply chains and highly susceptible to corruption. Anyone can insert themselves into the supply chain and start causing ‘viruses’ to legitimate pieces of information, creating the butterfly effect and causing events to spiral out of control. The remedy to this is simple - know thy suppliers and customers.

MODERATOR Michael Cornfield, Associate Prof./Research Director, Global Center for Political Management, GW Graduate School of Political Management; PANELISTS Lawrence Noble, General Counsel, Campaign Legal Center; Randall Rothenberg, Chief Executive Officer, IAB

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