NBC's Q4 Ad Revs Fluctuate: Broadcast Drops, Cable Up

NBCUniversal broadcast advertising revenues dropped by 6.5% in the fourth quarter -- but witnessed strong gain distribution and other revenue, such as retransmission fees.

Advertising results were affected by lower political advertising at its stations versus the same time period the prior year. Overall broadcast revenues rose 4.1% to $2.96 billion.

NBC’s cable networks did better, with advertising revenues up 2.3%, due to higher rates. At the same time, cable networks had lower ratings, as well as some channel closings. Cable networks had 6.7% higher affiliate fee revenues.

All revenue for its cable networks grew 7.5% to $2.7 billion.

NBCU’ filmed entertainment suffered a 5.2% revenue decline to $1.7 billion -- largely due to a 42.1% drop in theatrical revenue from the year before, when it had the highly successful “Sing.”

NBCU’s theme parks had an 8.7% hike to $1.5 billion.

Parent company Comcast Communications trimmed its net losses of its residential video customers to 38,000 in the period from 48,000 the year before. It added more broadband internet customers -- growing from 309,000 to 350,000.



Comcast’s total cable revenue grew 3.4% to $13.3 billion. Local cable advertising sales declined 12.4% to $629 million, given lower political advertising revenue.

Total Comcast revenue grew 4.2% to $21.9 billion. Mid-day Wednesday trading of its stock moved little -- up 0.05% to $42.48.

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