Minneapolis-Based Mono Helps Prepare Visitors For A Cold Super Bowl

With one million expected visitors to Minneapolis for the Feb. 4 Super Bowl, local agency mono is launching its own fun promotional video to help guests prepare for the extreme cold.

Beginning Feb. 1, visitors can go to ColdAFSupply.com to order an iconic Minnesotan trapper hat for delivery wherever they are in downtown Minneapolis. Every $50 hat is transported in 45 minutes or less via a fleet of flannel-clad bike messengers and arrives in a heated case, "hot and ready to warm you up," says a mono spokesperson. Profits go to a local charity.

Mono is leveraging its agency talents to raise awareness for this project. Various influencers in town, including former Twins player Justin Morneau, will be posting about the campaign on their social channels. There will also be branded coasters and posters distributed at bars, restaurants, music venues and around town that all drive to the website.



Also, mono will introduce a paid social media campaign, targeting people who post about the cold temperatures during Super Bowl week.

The idea and campaign came out of mono’s WRK+REC program, a quarterly internal program that gives employees the opportunity to develop an idea that they want to produce and develop. In order to get that idea funded, they have to present it to the agency for approval.

According to the agency, the program provides all employees the opportunity to think creatively, work on their presentation skills.

The SB-related idea came from two creatives, Adam Ridgeway and Brett Lakanen, who wanted to do something good for those unable to attend the big game as well as welcome out-of-town guests with a potential solution to the low temperatures they’ll encounter.  

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