Pixability Launches Video-Focused Self-Serve Ad Platform

Pixability, a video advertising software company, has launched a self-service video ad buying platform focused on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The new platform allows marketers or agencies to plan, buy and target specific audiences through a unified dashboard. The company is partnering with third-party data solutions like Moat on measurement.

The product will include a brand safety “on/off” switch so ads don’t appear next to inappropriate content. Marketers can provide more specific information to ensure the content appears on channels that are appropriate for their ads, Pixability CTO Andreas Goeldi told Digital News Daily.

“If you feel more specifically about certain environments, like you don’t want to be on certain types of music videos, or on certain types of kid-oriented content, we let you define that in the planning tool in a very granular way,” he said.



Beiagi noted the platform can ensure brand safety before the ads are placed. “Because we do planning, buying and ad measurement in one platform, not only can you measure brand safety, but because we are doing the buying, we can prevent the buying of that [inappropriate] inventory as well,” he said.

With banner ads increasingly being replaced by video advertising, and with Google (which owns YouTube) and Facebook (which owns Instagram) dominating the digital ad market,  "We see a big gap in the market for a platform really focused on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Such a platform doesn’t exist [now]," Pixability chief product officer Alan Beiagi said. “This platform we feel is unique in the market, and is going to where the vast majority of digital ad spend is going.”

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