New Jarlsberg Campaign Targets Baby Boomers, Their Kids

Jarlsberg Cheese is out with a new campaign—“Life’s Best Served With Jarlsberg”--as the Norwegian-based food brand refreshes its global platform and aligns with outside creative agencies for the first time. 

Digital Surgeons handled all of the creative, including digital elements, advertising, website and media buying. Bender Group is overseeing PR outreach.

The "Life's Best Served With Jarlsberg" creative--targeting older Millennials and baby boomers--is designed to highlight memories people build around the cheese. This message is designed to be adaptable to regional markets to address local customs, celebrations, and recipes.

The overhauled brand platform will be leveraged across digital ads, brand ambassadors/influencers, in-store mobile and digital coupons. Additionally, Jarlsberg will debut a first-ever dynamic out-of-home Times Square Billboard in New York City.



All creative is meant to drive consumers to a new microsite where shoppers can find coupons and recipes.
“As millennials and echo booms  (aka older millennials) enter the peak ages where rituals around family life and cuisine are reestablished, we want to ensure they’re reminded of Jarlsberg, its great taste, and the pleasant memories they associate with it," says Valerie Liu, marketing manager, Jarlsberg.

The campaign runs through April 13 in the New York market with plans to expand nationwide and globally over the coming year.

While Jarlsberg is one of the most recognizable brands in Norway, it remains a niche brand in the U.S. Most of its previous communications have been smaller in scale and reach. For instance an in-house social media campaign was designed to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary two years ago. 

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