Syndie Shows Record Uptick, 'Jeopardy' 5% Higher

A number of U.S. syndication TV shows have seen overall growth nearly six months into this season.

CBS Television Distribution’s top-rated syndicated show “Judge Judy” is now 3% higher to 10.31 million Nielsen viewers, season-to-date, September 4 through February 25.

The fourth-best-overall syndication show is CBS’ “Jeopardy,” now 5% higher to 9.97 million. Its companion game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” is at 10.168 million, slipping 1%.

Other strong big-name players include Warner Bros.’ “Ellen DeGeneres,” now 3% higher to 3.37 million. Disney ABC Domestic Television’s game show “Who Wants To be A Millionaire” added 5% to hit 2.4 million viewers.

Among entertainment magazines, CBS’s “Inside Edition” grew 6% to 4.58 million, while CBS’ “Entertainment Tonight” is down 6% to 4.61 million. A newer entertainment show, Disney’s “Right This Minute,” grew 4% to 2.03 million.



CBS’ other big court show, “Hot Bench,” is also in positive territory overall -- adding 1% to 3.34 million viewers.

The big off-network syndication comedy shows have not been so lucky -- virtually all have shown declines. Warner Bros. “Big Bang Theory” is off 8% to 7.88 million. Twentieth Television’s “Modern Family” is down 17% to 3.74 million, and Warner Bros. lost 26% to 2.64 million.

CBS’ talk show “Dr. Phil” is virtually even with results of a year ago -- down 1% to 4.64 million. Top game show Twentieth Television’s “Family Feud”  (in a virtual tie with “Wheel of Fortune”) gave up 3% to 10.166 million viewers.

While some shows record gains, many more have seen losses year-over-year. For example, one only talk show of 15 national syndication programs saw viewership season-to-date gains.

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