SourceMedia Introduces Branded Content, Native Ad Options

SourceMedia, a portfolio of financial, healthcare and technology brands, in addition to in-house marketing capabilities, announced a new suite of products for marketers to better connect brands with their target audiences.

Through the use of their own content or utilizing SourceMedia’s team to create content, clients are now able to add a layer of performance and data targeting to their native campaigns, allowing for greater scale and even more productive outcomes.

The suite includes Topic Tile, a cobranded rich-media unit, that partners a client’s content with SourceMedia’s relevant topic-specific editorial for the best brand alignment, and Partner Insights, an integrative tool that displays a client’s custom content alongside SourceMedia’s editorial. It also includes Content Fuse, which “learns” based on user engagement to deliver a higher ROI and displays content based on where it will receive the best exposure. 



“Historically we either took advertiser content and ran it under an SOV model, or we developed content and delivered to advertisers,” Matthew Yorke, CMO of SouceMedia, told Publisher’s Daily.

With marketing demand for these types of products expected to grow to $25 billion this year, the new tools “allow us to move to a more transparent model of impressions and cost per view [and to] move from one static product to three dynamic products covering the entire customer journey funnel,” says Yorke.

“The Branded Content Solution is also powered by our Intelligent Data approach, both in terms of understanding the type of content that the reader/segment is looking for, but also in identifying which unit we want to serve to which individual reader,” says Yorke.

The new offerings allow marketers to identify and target B2B audiences, while leveraging first-party user data, such as demographic and firmographic; A.I. from Lytics, SouceMedia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP); and third-party data from Dun&Bradstreet, Adaptive Intelligence, Discovery Data, miEdge and Bombora.

Some of the clients signing up to use the new tools include BillTrust, Harland Clarke, MFS Investment Management, Brighthouse Financial, Commonwealth FP and 3M.

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