OpenX Posted Profitability In 2017

OpenX, the big independent advertising exchange, says profitability continued in 2017 -- its fourth year in a row.

The company says it had 20% year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter. For 2017 net revenue climbed to $172 million, its 10th straight year of higher revenues.

While it says it was profitable for its fourth straight year, it didn’t go into specifics.

OpenX's mobile business grew 39% year-over-year in 2017, in-app revenue climbing 89%, and video revenue climbing 5,000%.

The company says it will make investments in “quality efforts” in 2018 totaling more than $25 million in 2018, 60% higher than last year. Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX, stated: “Throughout the last several years, we’ve seen an overarching trend where brands, publishers and consumers are increasingly prioritizing quality over everything else.”

In 2017 OpenX invested over $50 million in research and development in technology and products. OpenX also says it looks to invest in OTT and connected TV.

OpenX says it has worked with more than 30,000 brands, more than 1,200 websites and 2,000+ mobile applications.



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