Video Publishing Platform Wipster Rolls Out Tools For Marketers

Wipster, a company that builds video collaboration and publishing tools for media companies and marketers, is rolling out two new tools, with advertisers and agencies in mind.

“Brands and BtoB business are becoming more like media companies,” Julia Farina, VP of marketing for Wipster, tells Digital News Daily. “They are starting to have dedicated teams in-house. Whether it is in-house agencies or just having videographers in-house, it is definitely becoming more of a priority.”

While media companies have long been heavy users of video workflow tools, it is new territory for many brands, many of which may be making a serious investment in video for the first time. Wipster says it counts Sephora and REI and existing customers, but has seen a significant amount of interest from less conventional clients, such as business-to-business firms.

The new tools, called Flow and Pulse, are geared toward companies that use marketing-driven workflow.

Flow keeps team members apprised of a video's status while letting them work together on projects.

Pulse tracks key metrics for already published videos, including how many people watched, how long they watched for and what actions they took (i.e. “liked” or “shared”) and turns that into an easy to digest bullseye graphic.

For many marketers, particularly those without multimillion-dollar marketing agreements, the rise of video advertising presents opportunity but daunting startup costs, not only in employees and equipment but in expertise and efficiency.

“We have seen this trend with brand over the last couple of years. Many of the mainstream brands are starting to realize that they need to create more video and be video-first,” Farina says. “A lot of them just don’t know where to start.”

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