Cyren Enhances Its Email Scam Security Product

Cyren has released the newest iteration of its Cyren Cloud Security platform, a product designed to fight imposter email attacks and cryptocurrency mining.

The enhanced solution integrates email security, web security, DNS security and cloud sandboxing on one global security cloud, the firm says.

One of the new features protects firms against business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

In contrast to mass phishing emails -- which rely on networks of infected botnets -- BEC emails are well-researched and targeted, Cyren contends. They appear to have been sent by a company’s CEO to executive within the firm, it adds.

"Follow the money, and you will find cybercrime -- sophisticated, well-funded criminals are opportunists, and are constantly looking for new pathways into businesses," states Ben Carmi, senior vice president of product at Cyren.

The tool also stops cryptocurrency mining, a phenomenon that increased by 725% from last October to January of this year, Cyren claims.



To achieve this, Cyren has added a cryptocurrency mining category to its URL classification system in Cyren Web Security. This lists websites and URLs known to run mining scripts.

Also included in the new service package is a cloud access security function, allowing shadow IT visibility and control, the company says.

Carmi states that Cyren inspects 25 billion security transactions and blocks more than 300 million threats per day.

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