Majority Of Netflix Streaming Comes From TV Reruns

Although Netflix continues to push many new original programming efforts, a majority of its viewing comes from TV programs that have already run on other networks.

The majority of Netflix ‘s U.S. streams -- 80% -- come from TV shows it licensed from other companies; 20% of its streams coming from Netflix original shows.

The September 2017 data is from 7Park Data, a streaming research company that has a global sample of over 2 million active Netflix, Hulu and Amazon users.

The study notes that this is down from 88% license programs streams and 12% Netflix originals in September 2016.

When it comes to defining Netflix viewers, 7Park Data says there are three segments: license-dominant viewers, original-dominant viewers and “balanced” viewers. Some 42% are license-dominant viewers; 18% are original-dominant viewers; and 40% are “balanced” viewers.



The researcher defines license-dominant viewers as those for which 95% or more of their TV streams are of licensed content. Original-dominant viewers are when 40% of viewers' streams are original content (60% coming from licensed content). It describes “balanced” viewers as viewing 61% to 94% licensed content (with 6% to 39% going for originals).

Netflix continues to build its efforts for original programming for TV and movies. The company is expected to spend $8 billion in TV-movie production this year.

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  1. John Harpur from Yellow Submarine, April 13, 2018 at 11:54 a.m.

    Hi. Where does viewing to theatrical films fall? Liscenced viewing? If one is interested in a greater variety of flims and recent releases, Netflix's snail mail DVD's are still the way to go which is frustrating. 

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