Only 3% Of Marketers Deem MRC Video 'Viewability' A Reasonable Standard

Only 3% of brand marketers believe the Media Rating Council’s current standard for “video viewability” is reasonable, according to findings of a study scheduled to be released April 25 by ViralGains and the CMO Council.

The MRC’s standard, which calls for at least 50% of a video ad to be in view for at least two seconds to be counted as a “viewable” impression, has long been considered a minimum viable guideline.

Even the MRC has acknowledged the current standards likely are not sufficient, and last month said it is considering moving to a “100% viewable” standard and issued a request for proposals to conduct further research to determine the best method for establishing a new standard.

The preliminary ViralGains and CMO Council study findings note that 96% of marketers surveyed plan to increase their video advertising budgets this year.

Other findings include:

  • While 78% of CMOs are increasingly held accountable for bottom-line metrics like sales, the vast majority are still measuring success with traditional awareness-based metrics.

  • 16% of respondents admit that they have extremely limited insight or intelligence from digital video advertising.

  • Fewer than one in four respondents are actually able to use insights on viewers in real-time during the course of their campaign.

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