Microsoft Corrects Office 365 Spam Folder Issue: Reports

Microsoft has corrected an error that reportedly resulted in large numbers of legitimate emails being shoveled into spam folders.

The emails from trusted senders were tagged as spam, affecting Office 365 accounts, according to media reports.

Microsoft issue a statement saying that it had fixed the problem, but did not comment on the cause or extent of it, the reports state. Microsoft spokespersons had not responded to a query at deadline.  

On April 6, Microsoft Office 365 suffered an outage that left users without email throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific. It quickly resolved the issue.

The tech giant has also had the security of its Outlook email platform called into question. A report from Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute states that Outlook has “a security bug that could trigger password leaks,” according to Windows Report.

Despite these issues, Microsoft has reported strong performance during the first quarter—profits rose 35% to $7.4 billion year-over-year, and revenue went up by 16% to $26.8 billion, MediaPost’s Gavin O’Malley reports. Commercial cloud revenue rose by 58%.


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