Contently's Henry Bruce Touts New Audience Engagement Solution

Contently, founded in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg and Shane Snow, has positioned storytelling and audience engagement at the core of its mission. Yesterday, the company introduced the industry’s first all-in-one content solution, ContentlyOne, to harness the power of audience engagement through every step of the marketing process, with an eye toward digital publishers.

Henry Bruce, Contently’s senior vice president of marketing, spoke with Publishing Insider about what ContentlyOne can achieve when working closely to bridge the gap between audience and brand. 

Publishing Insider: How will the introduction of ContentlyOne help marketers reach new audiences? 

Henry Bruce: According to Beckon, 5% of content earns 90% of all engagement. In a digital landscape that is saturated with bad content, the largest opportunity lies with engaging, high-quality content that breaks through the noise. ContentlyOne uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that content is optimized to perform and surfaces insights from throughout the content lifecycle to drive conversions.



ContentlyOne’s unified offering addresses all components of a successful content strategy, including distribution. Our distribution services funnel content to all of the major channels and is developed in conjunction with our content strategy team.

PI: What does the new tool mean for the company's future direction? 

HB: Contently started seven years ago with the mission to help brands conquer content marketing. Early customers created high-quality, original thought leadership content that built brand awareness and fostered relationships between brands and their target audiences. Today, marketers need to reach their customers consistently with one brand voice across channels and throughout the buyer’s journey.

ContentlyOne enables marketers to leverage one unified solution to address all marketing main objectives: demand generation, sales enablement, and brand awareness. With improved campaign and publishing functionalities, marketers can master the content lifecycle and conquer content chaos. Marketing executives will be able to align all of their teams across all of their marketing operations to achieve content governance enterprise-wide.

PI: How do you help brands and publishers to diversify?

HB: Marketing executives around the world tell us their biggest challenge is creating meaningful audience engagement across all channels with all their target buyers with marketing. Creating engaging and accountable content is clearly the answer, but they lack a strategic solution to achieve their corporate goals for all marketing objectives. 

The  Content Decision Engine empowers marketers to make informed decisions and drive ROI with a data-driven, end-to-end content operating system that provides actionable insights at every stage of the content lifecycle. Marketers no longer have to struggle to prove what’s working and what isn’t. 

Implementation, account manager and customer success teams work closely with program managers to oversee day-to-day operations, ensure brand governance and adherence to strategic goals. Workshops focused on white space analysis, voice and tone, and more provide content leaders and practitioners with tactical skills and best practices to achieve breakthrough content.

Contently’s global talent network consists of 100,000+ journalists, photographers, videographers, designers and more, enabling marketers to scale content on demand and leverage the domain expertise of award-winning talent.

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