Many Enterprise Email Managers Want More Authority: Study

Email project managers at large companies are far from happy, judging by an Enterprise Project Management Survey, a study by Sendwithus.

Of 414 managers polled at enterprise companies, 73% want to reduce their dependence on developers, and 28% want more decision-making authority.

In addition, 85% said a top priority is centralizing responsibility for their email security, compliance and brand consistency. Of these respondents, 59% are responsible for marketing emails, 37% for transactional email and 74% for internal email. Respondents could choose all that apply.

The study found that 56% feel that managing time is very or extremely challenging. And 52% say the same about managing budgetary concerns. At the same time, 48% are daunted by the challenge of managing resources, and 44% are challenged by managing people.

Here are the objectives that respondents rated as extremely important:

  • Improving cross-functional collaboration between teams — 88% 
  • Streamlining the onboarding process for new teams and users — 82%
  • Improving security by establishing a method of managing email content independently from deployment processes and customer data — 79%
  • Centralizing approval/publishing workflows and accountability for email content across teams — 78.1%
  • Establishing or improving audit logs / revision history to increase workflow visibility — 77.1%

The study covers companies with 500 employees, including such firms asAT&T, Microsoft , KeyBank, John Deere, Cigna, Farmers Insurance and Ford. 

Sendwithus provides Dyspatch, a cloud-based email management platform designed for enterprise organizations.


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