3M Explores The 'Wonder' Of Science In New Campaign

3M is launching its first brand campaign in nearly a decade to show the impact of science on day to day lives. 

Developed with agency space150, the concept serves as an extension of 3M's master brand theme Science: Applied to Life by centering around the idea that “wonder is all around you.”

The creative does this by posing a series of intriguing, relatable questions on topics that people are familiar with or find relatable in their day to day lives, such as whether a bike frame could be lighter.

The launch focuses on two strategic pillars by partnering with Vox Media to create several four-minute documentary style videos to help illustrate science in everyday lives. "We have taken this approach to best influence 3M’s highly targeted audience of life-long learners that are passionately curious," says a 3M spokesperson. 



The second strategy is designed to reach the target audience through online paid advertising, specifically pre-roll video, promotion on podcasts and social media.

Earlier this year, the brand's 3M State of Science Index revealed that although the majority of people are fascinated by science, nearly 40% of people think that their lives wouldn’t be all that different if science didn’t exist.

The Wonder campaign, as a result, is designed to bridge the gap between perception and reality. "As a science based company that is committed to improving our business, our planet, and every life, 3M is best positioned to highlight the science that improves our lives in unseen or unexpected ways," says the spokesperson. 
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