For His Next Act, Sorrell Looking At Nexus Of Technology And Geography

He may be a man without portfolio for the moment, but that hasn’t stopped former WPP CEO Martin Sorrell from maintaining a visible presence as a speaker at industry gatherings. 

For the second time in two weeks, Sorrell has spoken at a New York tech conference.

Today’s presentation was at Luma Partner’s Digital Media Summit, where he provided a little more insight, but not a lot of detail on what he intends to do next. 

When asked about his future plans. The Drum quoted him as saying he’ll, “look at where are the opportunities from a technology point of view and look at the opportunities from a geographical point of view, and put the two together.” 



Sorrell declined to discuss any of the particulars surrounding his abrupt departure last month from WPP, after 30-plus years as CEO. It was followed by a company investigation into an allegation of “personal misconduct” on his part. 

WPP has also declined to provide any detail, much to the consternation of some, including a major shareholder advisory group that is now urging investors not to re-elect WPP chairman Roberto Quarta, given the lack of transparency surrounding the affair.


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