Rebel Launches A Lite API For Building Emails

Rebel has launched a service called Rebel Lite API, a stand-alone API to allow developers to build complicated emails using JSON.

The firm, which had already provided an API to help clients utilize JSON and avoid HTML, reacted to requests by clients to use the same workflow for non-interactive emails, the company said in a blog post.

Rebel clients need to send JSON, and they will receive HTML emails that function across all major email clients, it says. Users will receive up-to-date code, without a need for teams to maintain code, it adds.  

In addition, emails built with Lite API are mobile-responsive across all clients, the firm says.

“There are a huge number of email clients in the world which are updated regularly, but rarely with any form of beta version or release notes,” the blog continues.

It adds: “Due to the incredibly complex world of coding emails, along with a huge number of email clients and constant changes, email quickly becomes hard to build and maintain.”




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