Cannes Diary: Redskins Mystery And Lack Of Celebrities

One of the most intriguing bits of Cannes gossip this year is about the biggest yacht in the Jetee Albert Edouard Harbor which belongs to Snyder Communications, run by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. 

This $70 million oversized boat with its Redskins logo towers over even the largest Cannes-sponsored yachts. 

But no one seems to know exactly why Snyder is here. One source says he is taking "meetings" but does not have an official presence at the Festival. 

Cannes is largely about networking which is why it is so curious that so many shops and brands spend lots of money renting these giant boats that visitors must uncomfortably walk around in their bare feet. Props to Teak for providing flip-flops, but the layout of these yachts is not conducive to meetings, even informal ones. 

Usually there is a DJ playing loud music and the deck space on most of the yachts doesn't allow for wandering around, particularly since most parties hit capacity pretty early and stay that way through the night.



Several yacht attendees were overheard bemoaning the homogenous crowd, though it was unclear whether they were talking about white males, young people, or the fact that nearly all worked at technology-affiliated shops. One attendee declared that he isn't sure why he traveled across the globe to just be in San Francisco.

Party chatter is dominated by complaints about the lack of star power which is ironic given that Cannes organizers purposefully pared back celebrity appearances based on feedback that it was excessive in year’s past. 

It seems everyone is jockeying to attend the places few and far between where they can spot celebrities, such as MediaLink's Bon Jovi dinner and Spotify's concert featuring The Killers and Travis Scott. Twitter's brunch with Kerry Washington on Wednesday was a hot ticket as is the Palais session with Conan O'Brien and Shaquille O'Neal.


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