Toyota Sympathizes With Tired Soccer Fans

Toyota is running a campaign aimed at Hispanic soccer fans in the U.S. who are likely experiencing fatigue from the plethora of early morning games.

The Toyota Tundra Power campaign, from Conill, includes a 90-second video that shows how Toyota is sympathetic to the plight of the overextended fan. 

Over the next three weeks, Toyota will reward these early-rising fans with an extra jolt of energy through a great cup of conffee. Toyota traveled to the Veracruz region of Mexico with a top coffee producer to create a special beverage that embodies the spirit of Tundra.

World Foods & Flavor, U.S. importers and distributors of coffee have created a special formulation made with 100% Mexican coffee beans that fuse blends of Robusta and Arabica creating an intense roast.



A projected 40,000 fans in select markets will have an opportunity to sample the coffee at a Tundra Power Mobile Coffee Shop stationed near special viewing parties and venues. 

Toyota Latino social media channels will amplify the promotion, where hard-working fans can use #TundraPower to receive their own coffee at home. The markets include San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Albuquerque, Phoenix and San Diego.

Toyota has a rich history of building personal relationships with guests through innovative experiential engagement, says Thomas Crahan, general manager, truck and SUV, vehicle marketing and communications, Toyota.

“In past years, we have constructed a traveling charreadas (Mexican rodeo) museum and created a biopic on its participants; pulled the space shuttle Endeavor through the streets of Los Angeles for its final journey home; and more recently, have cheered alongside Hispanic fans in their love of soccer at the sport’s most important moments,” Crahan tells Marketing Daily

Fans are invited to show their support for the effort using the hashtag, #TundraPower, he adds.

‘We selected high-density Hispanic markets where our guests would be most active, Crahan says. “We also took into consideration truck-opportunity markets, the role of media and its impact in those markets and potential amplification through publicity.”

Soccer is a unified passion point among Hispanics and deeply rooted in their cultural heritage, says Veronica Elizondo, vice president, group creative director, Conill. 

“Beyond reach, their engagement with the sport is enormous,” she says. “As the number-one brand among Hispanics in the U.S., it is important for Toyota to be part of their journey, to help them create memories that last a lifetime. And let’s face it, if a sport and its fans are big enough to simulate an earthquake, then that is a passion we want to tap into."

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