Retail Workers Gripe: We're Forced To Collect Email Addresses

Workers at Five Below, a discount chain based in Philadelphia, say that they are being penalized for failure to collect customers’ email addresses.

Employees say they face loss of hours if they don’t collect the addresses, according to the Inquirer. 

One former Philly staffer was told she had to garner addresses from a fourth of the customers she rang up, and saw her work time reduced when she didn’t, the report continues. 

Another, based in Columbus, said there is a 20% quota and that the penalty for failure is loss of shifts. Email collection is also tied to future raises, some sales staffers say.

Gathering the addresses can be difficult because some consumers might view the emails as spam, one person writes.

A Five Below executive denied that there is a quota system or incentives, the Inquirer adds. 



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