Smart Speaker Owners Turn To Voice Shopping

Once consumers get smart speakers, they tend to do more than just sit on a shelf.

It also appears that when people start using smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, they may use voice assistants more on smartphones.

The majority (65%) of smart speaker owners use them at least weekly and 40% use them at least daily, according to a new study. By comparison, smartphone voice assistant usage is at 8% weekly and 6% daily.

The Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report comprised an online survey of 1,200 U.S. adults representative of U.S. demographic averages conducted by Voicebot and Voysis.

It also turns out that monthly users of voice assistants on smartphone are 79% higher for smart speaker owners. Daily users of voice assistants on phones are 74% higher for smart speaker owners.

For voice shopping, 21% of consumers have given it a try, while 26% of smart speaker owners have. The numbers also appear to be rising. In January, 12% of smart speaker owners used voice shopping monthly -- a percentage that rose to 16% four months later.

An earlier study by PwC found that items voice assistants are used to purchase include food (34%), groceries (31%), a book (24%) and home care items and electronics (22%).



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